Grand Island Boat Trip with Snorkeling, Dolphin Sightseeing & Fishing

For those who are nature enthusiast and adventure seeker, Goa is the best destination in India for you! We went to India for a 3-day vacation with my friends, who happened to be seeking also for a great adventure in nature. On our last day of stay in Goa, India, it was supposed to be our rest day to prepare for our long flight back to our country. One of the hotel staff suggested us to try the Grand Island boat tour. We immediately searched it on the internet and even asked local people from Goa about the trip. The Grand Island boat tour is really the most recommended trip and not to be missed when you visit Goa, India.

Grand Island Boat Tour starts from Sinquerium boat jetty at 8:30 AM and ends at 4:00 PM. This trip is also known as the Ilha Grande tour package. It includes private transportation from your Hotel to boat jetty and back to your hotel. Lunch, fishing tools, and snorkelling gears are also provided on board.

Early morning we headed to Sinquerium boat jetty for our departure. When the tour starts, snacks were immediately given to each of us passengers on board as we sail pass through Goa’s Historic attractions which include Agenda Fort, Merchant’s Bangla, Central Prison and some beaches of the Middle Sea. The boat will stop in a couple of minutes in the middle of the ocean for the dolphin watching.

We enjoyed seeing and witnessing dolphins twist and play with the splashes of waters. All of us passengers were so amazed at how smart those dolphins are. They even swim towards near the boat. After we pass through the dolphin hub, the boat headed towards our next destination where passengers can enjoy swimming, fishing, and snorkelling. All safety gears and equipment will be provided. This water activity will approximately last for 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the passenger’s request. We enjoyed snorkelling and was amazed at how abundant and beautiful Goa’s sight-seeing views underwater.

Not knowing how to swim is not a hindrance for you to try scuba diving and snorkelling while on the trip because there will be a professional guide who will accompany you during your experience. The different formations and colourful corals, the fishes, and the clear water, Goa is indeed a must place to visit as it has a lot of natural attraction to be experienced. Since my other friends don’t know how to swim, they tried fishing instead. After the water activity, we headed immediately to the beach side as known as the Monkey beach on Grande Island for our Lunch Buffet compromising of fish, chicken, vegetarian dishes, and fruits. As you sail to the beach-side, you will see and pass through a lot of cruises on your way. Since I am a vegetarian, I only ate vegetable salad and fruits for my lunch. For drinks, they serve rum, beer, and water. Your tour includes staying on the Island for a couple of hours. Passengers are allowed to stroll around the Island or go swimming at the beach. Once the given time is done, passengers have to go back to the boat. From there, you’ll be heading back to Sinquerium Boat jetty for your drop off and back to your respective hotel.

Trip Details 

Grande Island or also known as Ilha Grande is found at the northern part of Goa. The only way to reach the grand island is by boat. Grand Island Boat tour is a tour package starting from Sinquerium Boat Jetty to Monkey Beach on Grande Island with a lot of inclusions during the sailing. The travel price starts from 1599 INR per person and can accommodate a maximum of 20 persons with toilet and changing.

Rooms. There is also a private Grand Island tour where a large group of people rent the whole boat for the trip. This daylong package includes snorkeling, sigh-seeing, dolphin sighting, swimming, and a meal. A lot of people prefer this kind of Boat tour because of its popularity and a budget-friendly trip at the same time. Below is the Grand Island Boat tour Itinerary.

Tour Itinerary

  • 8:30 AM – Departure at Sinquerium Boat Jetty. Staffs begin to check if passengers are all seated. Snacks will be given to passengers once the journey commences.
  • The first destination will be the Historical sight-seeing.
  • Pass through the dolphin hub where passengers will witness dolphins twirl and twist, playing the splash of sea water.
  • For the second destination, you’ll be experiencing some fun and exciting water activities such as snorkeling, fishing, and swimming. Snorkeling kit and fishing tools will be given to each passenger.
  • After the water activity, you will be taken to the beach-side where Goan buffet will be served for lunch compromising of Fish, Chicken, Vegetarian dish and fruits.
  • Once done, the boat will be heading back to Sinquerium at 4:30 PM.

What Activities are Includes ? 

  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Dolphin Watching
Goan Buffet for Lunch on the Beach
  • BBQ Fish / Chicken
  • Vegetable Biryani
  • Fruits 
  • Beer
  • Rum
  • Water

Tour Conclusion 

This trip is best for family and friends bonding which is suitable for every age, from child to adult. The journey starts at 8 o’clock in the morning and continues until 3-4 PM. This island package can also be private for two or choice of groups. Grande Island is considered as one of the most visited travel destinations in Goa and is popular for its boat tour. A lot of people are booking for this kind of trip because of its pocket-friendly price and good experiences throughout the tour. The staffs and local people are so accommodating and friendly. The food tastes good, and the Island itself is beautiful. 

The best month to visit the Grande Island is from October to March. I suggest you to bring your own water to keep you always hydrated since this tour has a lot of water activity to offer during your sailing and when you arrive at the Island. I highly suggest this kind of Boat Trip for a pocket-friendly tour that lets you experience an amazing trip with India’s nature and natural attractions. For me, it is more fun to ride this boat with different people who are stranger to you to socialise and make new friends on board. Though, it is also preferable to experience this with your family and loved ones in private for exclusive activities and less chaos. Overall, the tour really is a worth experiencing when you visit Goa.

Where to Book ?

Check Grand Island Booking Website